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She got a night shift job at a grocery warehouse 'til the money started rolling in. Six months later when she changed bank accounts to only 1 debit card her "still-between-gigs" boy-friend told her she was an   "ungrateful bitch" and stomped out. It was the best day since they met. She moved into a tiny flat, stayed with her job, took day-courses in criminology, graduated top-of-the-class, joined the Ontario Provincial Police and was transferred to Parry Sound. Five years (and no boy-friends) later she was assigned to a murder case. One evening a suspect brought a bottle of wine to her house, Sue listened, realized he wasn't involved, called a cab to prevent him getting a DUI. The next morning her Sergeant pulled her off the case.  "I have it on good authority you slept with a suspect." Sue put her gun and badge on his desk. "I have three weeks holiday coming, I'm taking them now! I won't be back."

She teamed up with Evan Kelly, a retired Mountie, they solved the case and a new career was formed.

Sue is the kind of girl mothers always hope their sons will bring home, she's attractive but not provocative, comes from at middle-class working family, not particularly religious but she did attend church enough to know a bit about the bible. Even tried a bit of pot while living with her "wannabe Elvis" boyfriend. Her downside is the old house she's renovating devours money and runs up her credit cards at an enormous rate. Sue is always broke.

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Sue was born, raised and educated in Shelburne, Nova Scotia. She is the youngest of 5 children, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Their parents own a boat repair yard; work ethic comes naturally to the Ellison's, pounding a plank into place, sanding, painting and being up in the middle of the night winching a boat up the ramp at high tide is taken with a shrug "that's the way it is"

Sue's Graduation Committee hired a rock band from Halifax for their Grad Dance, the minute the lead singer/guitarist eyes met it was instant love or something like it. The following week they loaded her stuff in his Chevy van along with the band members and music instruments and drove to Toronto where promoters were supposed to be lined up waiting for them. Sue was the only one with a bank account and a credit card; she rented a 2-bedroom apartment and bought second-hand furniture.