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Murder Never Sleeps in Toronto

Sue and her partner Evan Kelly are hired to find why executives of a large trucking company are being killed. The President is incapacitated following a stroke, his family want to sell, a ruthless financial conglomerate are at the top of everyone's list. Two shady characters show up at a warehouse telling the Security guards they are future heirs. Sue is followed and gets threatening calls on her cell. She maxes her credit cards changing rental cars and hotels. A long-haul driver perks her interest.  

He brings a bottle of wine, she realizes he's not involved, calls a cab to prevent him driving under the influence. The following morning one of her co-workers sees his car at her house. The Sergeant yanks her off the case. "I have it on good authority you slept with a suspect." Sue puts her gun and badge on his desk. "I have 3 weeks holiday coming, I'm taking them now and I won't be back." She teams up with a retired RCMP Officer, they solve the case and a new career is started.

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Murder Never Sleeps in Cottage Country

During summers around Parry Sound and Lake Manitouwabing it's no shock to hear a wife on holiday hasn't kept touch with her family. Elise McArthur-Calhoun goes missing, the O.P.P. shrug it off but her wealthy father tears strips off politicians. The feedback gets them moving but not nearly as fast as when a body is found and they realize it's been dug up then reburied. Male officers dither around, Sue is assigned to the case is making good progress when a suspect calls her.

The Sue Ellison Series  

Canadian Mystery at it's best