How old is Sue?              She's in her late 20's

Does Sue have sex?  

She lived with a guy for half-a-year, they probably had sex. In Murder Never Sleeps in Cottage Country  Sue mentions a summer job when she was 17 driving a pickup for a forestry company. She dated Don, a 3rd year Forest Engineering student, her Mom rushed her to the family Doctor who put her on the "pill" Sue refers to it as the best summer of her life. You can download Murder Never Sleeps in Cottage Country to any device for  Click the Buy Now Button

Frequently asked questions about Sue Ellison

Sue is hired to sell "none-core" assets of a truck line including a tanker fleet and a Super-B flat deck fleet. She remembers meeting a man from Calgary that owned flat decks. He says he's interested, she hops on WestJet, before she arrives his wife disappears, his other partners are interested, Sue meets a cute driver, decides to hang around Calgary for a few days to see what happens. A bronc rider is upset when his Championship saddle is stolen. There are big truck on icy road, cowboys in tight jeans and cowgirls in tight shirts. This is the wild west at it's very best. 

You can download Murder Never Sleeps in Alberta to any device.

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Does Sue carry a gun?

She is licensed to carry a firearm and owns a Sig Sauer P228, 9mm she calls "Sig". Sue has never drawn her weapon in anger but on page 209 of Murder Never Sleeps in Toronto  she had her hand on Sig inside a large handbag while talking to a suspect recently released from prison. When he started getting excited Sue pulled her hand out far enough he saw it. "You skipped out on your parole officer, I wouldn't even be charged if I gut shoot you then put one between your eyes." He calmed down.

Why is there a picture of a Lamborghini?

When Marcus Clayton the millionaire owner of a large trucking company had a heart attack Sue kept him alive with mouth-to mouth. His wife, Arleeta previously caught him 'flagrante delecto" and bought the Lambo in revenge. She never really liked the car but didn't want her husband to die. She gave it to Sue in appreciation. It is garaged at a water-front mansion in Niagara-by-the Lake owned by a wealthy land-developer who has no heirs and would like to have children with her. Sue drives a fully loaded Ford F-250 4 X 4 she keeps at an old sea-side mansion she is slowly restoring at her home town, Shelburne Nova Scotia. That project is keeping her broke.