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Make Money Trucking

Here are some of the things you will find inside Make Money Trucking.

Trucking is a growth industry. 

Never in history has any business offered more opportunities. Make Money Trucking was written by a Fifty Year veteran of the highway.  He's hauled logs, lumber, gravel, molten metal, gone to University to learn how to be a professional trainer. Sold Mack's, Western Stars and Volvo's and owned hundreds of trucks, trailers and tankers.  He knows men and women have equal opportunities to build a career, make the same money, advance and start their own businesses. 

It's a good time to be a trucker.

There are steps for a person considering becoming a trucker. They are listed in logical order including how to get started both in American and Canada. Questions to ask. What to look for in a company. Steps to consider if one decides to make trucking a long-term career. The good and not-so-good about lease-to-own programs. Buying a used truck compared to a new one. All good stuff.

How to get New Tires for Free FOREVER! No kidding, about half-way through Make Money Trucking you will find  an easy-to-follow system, if a trucker takes a few minutes each day to follow the guide the annual savings will be MORE than the replacement cost of a new set of tires. It's as simple as putting a few sites on your computer or smart-phone.


One: Pay thyself first. Keep every receipt! Have a monthly envelope, save everything!
Two: Thou shalt own a calculator. Scale Masters divide distance by hours. Do it first.
Three: Thou shalt thump thy tires several times a day. HARD! NEAR A SHOP!
Four: Thy will shop fuel prices on-line. A dime-per-gallon is better in your pocket.
Five: Thy shalt knoweth thy profit is in thy right foot. Back out of thy throttle.
Six: Thy shalt stay out of bars and lounges. Beer + hangover = wasted money.
Seven: Call thy Dispatcher and wife/husband (girl-friend/boy-friend) every day.
Eight: Thy will keep enough food and water for two days in the truck.
Nine: Thy shall not pick up hitchhikers nor lizards of the lot.
Ten: Thy will smile when on the 'phone. Thy voice is as if thy are on a camera.